Each track is like watching a kid open his presents on Christmas morning. ” - George De Bruin

Cerebral Rift

“Give the first track 'Playa de Caleta, Mexico 1968' about 25 seconds and you will be hooked”” - Christopher Levine


I like smart people. They make life easier, conversations more meaningful, movies less boring and music that you actually want to listen to. You will definitely want to listen to Dan Waldman's (aka Made Of Wood) album The Chill/Funk Trip (as well as his other works) after reading this interview. And you definitely should, because it's so good it's "made of wood". But I'm getting ahead of myself. Just read (and listen), you'll understand...”

Trippin' the Rift (interview)

About two months ago I stumbled upon a blog post on the wonderful 'We Fucking Love Music' . I spent several hours listening to the album I found before hunting it down on Amazon and buying it. It now lives in my car and I don't think it will ever leave. The album I found is The Chill/Funk Trip by Made Of Wood. I mean it when I say it is my choice for album of the year. Seriously!!! It's a wonderful album full of 70's infused down tempo goodness. I can't get enough!!” - Phil Russell


Prepare yourself for a freaky good time.” - M. Kauf

Tour de Vaap

The expertise of his classical background, combined with own samples (which are being altered constantly), a variety of sounds inspired by the idols ( Massive Attack, Air, Radiohead,..) a healthy doses of passion for music and lots of hard work have resulted in an outstanding down tempo debut album called ‘Chill Funk Trip’. This is chill out at its best. Absolutely LUSH!”


This is packed full of atmospheric, chilled-out vibes that will send you on a journey of discovery like no other. Part lounge music, part jazz this also takes beats from mild trance and trip-hop. This is an album you'll get a lot of mileage out of. This is well worth investing your time and money in. 9/10.” - Nick Smithson

Review Graveyard

The songs offer some great classic funk grooves and modern space age washes of sound. These seemingly disparate elements–the earthy with the ethereal–combine to form something new while respecting its elders. The album was likewise constructed using both old and new techniques: studio performances are mixed with samples and electronic effects.This is really an album. Put it on, listen to the end and enjoy.”


Chill Funk Trip is the first complete work of Dan Waldman. He is already following some interesting paths in the electronic jazz/funk cosmos (with a special reference to the first two tracks of the album) and we can only be excited about his next steps.”

Freegan Kolektiva

This album does a perfect job of blending everything together to make an original work of musical art.” - Eric Gilardi

Mind Inversion

It’s hard to pick a favorite song because each one has with it the ability to set a mood that just sinks into you. The strength of this album is its ability to make you feel through sound alone, and every song has a different emotion to inspire. Each song is incredibly dynamic, highlighting different ways to sync and synthesize sounds, varying tempos and melodies to keep your ear on the music and your mood in that chill groove that doesn’t break once the track starts. And don’t think one listen will be enough. Each time through, you’ll catch some new subtle variation that you missed the first time around, and that’s a reward in itself for repeat listeners.” - Marissa Fox