Cerebral Rift

 Each track is like watching a kid open his presents on Christmas morning. 


“Give the first track 'Playa de Caleta, Mexico 1968' about 25 seconds and you will be hooked”

The Weekly Podcast (advance review of "Narcotherapy Hypnosis"

“Mind blowingly cool...It is a little difficult to write über-cool, über-classy text such as this music calls for when one is basically in the process of geeking out over said music.

Trippin' the Rift (interview)

I like smart people. They make life easier, conversations more meaningful, movies less boring and music that you actually want to listen to. You will definitely want to listen to Dan Waldman's (aka Made Of Wood) album The Chill/Funk Trip (as well as his other works) after reading this interview. And you definitely should, because it's so good it's "made of wood". But I'm getting ahead of myself. Just read (and listen), you'll understand...


About two months ago I stumbled upon a blog post on the wonderful 'We Fucking Love Music' . I spent several hours listening to the album I found before hunting it down on Amazon and buying it. It now lives in my car and I don't think it will ever leave.

The album I found is The Chill/Funk Trip by Made Of Wood. I mean it when I say it is my choice for album of the year. Seriously!!! It's a wonderful album full of 70's infused down tempo goodness. I can't get enough!!

Tour de Vaap

"Prepare yourself for a freaky good time."


"The expertise of his classical background, combined with own samples (which are being altered constantly), a variety of sounds inspired by the idols ( Massive Attack, Air, Radiohead,..) a healthy doses of passion for music and lots of hard work have resulted in an outstanding down tempo debut album called ‘Chill Funk Trip’.

This is chill out at its best. Absolutely LUSH!"

Review Graveyard

"This is packed full of atmospheric, chilled-out vibes that will send you on a journey of discovery like no other. Part lounge music, part jazz this also takes beats from mild trance and trip-hop.

This is an album you'll get a lot of mileage out of. This is well worth investing your time and money in. 9/10."


"The songs offer some great classic funk grooves and modern space age washes of sound. These seemingly disparate elements–the earthy with the ethereal–combine to form something new while respecting its elders. The album was likewise constructed using both old and new techniques: studio performances are mixed with samples and electronic effects.

This is really an album. Put it on, listen to the end and enjoy."

Freegan Kolektiva

"Chill Funk Trip is the first complete work of Dan Waldman. He is already following some interesting paths in the electronic jazz/funk cosmos (with a special reference to the first two tracks of the album) and we can only be excited about his next steps."

Mind Inversion

"This album does a perfect job of blending everything together to make an original work of musical art."


"It’s hard to pick a favorite song because each one has with it the ability to set a mood that just sinks into you. The strength of this album is its ability to make you feel through sound alone, and every song has a different emotion to inspire. Each song is incredibly dynamic, highlighting different ways to sync and synthesize sounds, varying tempos and melodies to keep your ear on the music and your mood in that chill groove that doesn’t break once the track starts. And don’t think one listen will be enough. Each time through, you’ll catch some new subtle variation that you missed the first time around, and that’s a reward in itself for repeat listeners."


"Completely instrumental (yum) and covering some of the best elements of funk, acid jazz, and even classical era-esque string sections, this album is pure bliss... I'll definitely be keeping an eye on Made of Wood."

Man of the Hour Magazine

"Think of a jazz club that landed on the moon. It’s spacey, dreamy, and, yes, funky.  'Are We Lost?' highlights his sound the best as it’s a perfect blend of lounge, soul, and funk with a intergalactic twist."

Magnetic Magazine

"That’s right, Dan Waldman has opened up his bag of tricks and inside are new Made of Wood tracks. The collection is called The Chill Funk Trip. And you know what? That about describes it.  The only thing that would make the listening experience better would be to get a copy of this on 8-track and pop it into the sound system of a 1977 Ford Ltd.  Meet up with Made of Wood again, and pack your bags."


"Dan Waldman, the man behind the music, is able to do the almost impossible: create a continuous album in which no two sounds are alike.

'Fire Up the Sidewalk' takes on a similar attitude. Myriad sounds, organic and synthesized, combine to create a jazzy song that instills a sense of calm and produces an unexplainable wish to jump in a VW van and head to a festival."

Jackass Penguin Show

"Skillfully rich.  Repeat listening reveals new subtleties in sometimes deceptively simply grooves."

Migrate Music

"Play this album while trying to mellow out after a long day or turn it on in order to get the party going – either will work well with pleasant effect."


"I figure the best way to get our groove going again is to ease back into things, no?  With that in mind, i can think of no better offering than The Chill/Funk Trip by Made of Wood.  The name pretty much says it all, kids.  These jazzed up grooves are in no rush, but will get your booty there and back nonetheless.  These laid back tracks are a combo of improvisation and electronic elements- many of which come from sampling and alterations of his own performances. You should be able to hear trace elements of his heroes in Air, Funkadelic and The Cinematic Orchestra.  My instructions are to download, spark something, hit play and repeat as necessary."

Bluebird Reviews

"Waldman purposefully creates a mood with every song that is different, yet connected from the previous track. For example, you can hear what sounds like the scratch of an LP at the start of the first track. This brings you back to real LP's with album covers and true instruments, reminding you there is a real musician behind this technology.

Electric Funk Break for Addy was my favorite track. I loved the flute and the walk along bass line that traveled throughout the whole song. It is a familiar sound to me, growing up on Shaft and Baretta, but brought up to date with more instruments and contemporary arrangements. The organ work is awesome!"

Magnetic Magazine

"'Eclectic, atmospheric, awesome.' These are words I use often. But please…don’t think my over use of these adjectives waters them down. I mean it. So, be prepared to hear them again.

Made of Wood instrumentalist Dan Waldman takes it all the way. If you like lounge, you will like this. If you love the instrumental sampling technique, say, similar to Moby…you will like this. But here’s the secret weapon…if you think that the music heard in far out 70’s cop shows is unearthed dirty deep funky goodness, pick up your shovel and dig Made of Wood. For proof of the latter, check out “The Switch” for an example.

This is not listen-to-it-once music. With revisits and checking in on it, these songs…that upon first listen are (ready?) eclectic, atmospheric, and awesome…will continue to grow on you."

Review of "Birds of the State Fair"
"Persistence plays like an instrumentalist’s purest 21st century musical vision, where jazz tradition, lyrical musicianship, dark atmosphere, and machinery combine. The patient, sullen piano smacks of the moody style Trent Reznor employed in Nine Inch Nails, where the instrument’s 88 keys occupy the dramatic space that guitars or drums fear to tread. It’s a downtrodden trip-hop affair that displays Waldman’s diversity, and he proves adept at a wide range of styles throughout the album. Waldman approaches every tune with scholarly attention, particularly as far as the piano is concerned. There’s nary a dull moment to be heard, and fans of instrumental giants like Brad Mehldau, Bill Frisell, and Pat Metheney will likely find plenty to dissect here."