60's spies, the Cold War, the Space Race and pharmaceutically-enhanced interrogation techniques...


I love the whole 60's revival thing, but specifically the music, or at least my vision of what the music might have sounded like if it was combined with 70's funk, trippy old-school synth sounds and all kinds of other more modern stuff. 


It's future music created by a journey to the past.


The diversity of sounds in "The Chill/Funk Trip" was really freeing to make, but making an album full of songs- each with its own little unique sonic landscape, can be a real mental challenge.  Sometimes placing some limitations, a specific vibe, or story to tell, can help focus the creative process in a different way.


So then, what is "narcotherpy hynposis?" It's apparently what it was called when the CIA would use sodium pentothal to try to get people to talk in interrogations.  Kind of a "truth serum."  Did it work? I have no idea.


The album has had some nice press:  This interview in particular sheds some light on the album, where "Made of Wood" the name comes from.


album art by Ryan Crowley