Kutiman and Maroon 5

Every once in a while I re-watch one of the Kutiman Thru You songs- the ones where he puts together snippets of people's youtube clips and makes funk masterpieces.  Like "I'm New."  It takes the next step in sampling: making entire songs from sampled bits of youtube clips.  Along with the obvious heaps of creativity that lurks in his head in the selecting of sounds and piecing them together, he demonstrates some major skills with sound and video engineering.  In interviews, he talks about not sleeping or seeing the sun for a couple months.

Well, he also apparently made a song out of Maroon 5 clips that they sent him for a collaboration.  I guess they wanted him to do what he did before, but with clips of the band instead of random internet youtubers.  I don't mean to be overly negative of this idea- Maroon 5 seems to do well, they have lots of fans, etc.  To be honest I think I've only heard a few of their songs, so what do I know? 

What I do know is this:  Kutiman's tune, featuring their clips broken into bits and re-arranged, runs musical circles around anything I've heard from Maroon 5.  (Maybe I've just listened to the wrong stuff?)

What if there was someone out there who could take little pieces of you doing your thing, rearrange them, and make a new thing that was way better?   It would be like submitting a short story only to have the editor move around the sentences, and out comes Hemingway. 

Or a better example: painting a picture of dogs playing poker, and then having someone cut the canvas into brush-stroke-sized pieces and paste them together, to reveal a timeless masterpiece of light and shadow where you are depicted... painting a picture.  I'm just saying that if I was Maroon 5, I might not have asked for that.

If you haven't checked out some of Kutiman's stuff, you really should watch these videos.  His talent and ear is inspiring.  If you want to hear one of the tunes from his self-titled album, this mix has one of his songs.


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