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Instrumental Music

A few people have asked me how I felt about having vocals in some of my upcoming tunes.  It's an interesting thought.  A few of the places who have reviewed my album even mentioned that even though they really liked the album, they traditionally listened mainly to songs with a lead singer, lyrics, etc.  which caught my eye.  It's definitely a smaller market out there for music without singing, and the tone of the reviews seemed a little "even though it's instrumental music, you should check it out."

I always gravitated towards music without words.  Something about the way I hear music- I even hear the singer as an instrument.  A beautiful lead instrument, but an instrument. Often I don't even really know what my favorite songs are about, even after I've heard them hundreds of times. 

I recently did a cover of a Radiohead tune (you can hear it here), and I realized that I had no clue what that song was about.  When I looked into it, I was relieved to find that it was about a dream and the words were more imagery than story.  Thank god it wasn't about something mundane- it would have been a downer.  Like that time I saw La Boheme with subtitles above the stage.

Instrumental music, to me, lets the music just seep into you, without having one part that demands your devoted attention.  You can focus a lot on textures.  Without a voice serving as a melody, it makes you think a lot about where the attention of the music is, if there is a melodic line moving between instruments, or if the focus is just the groove itself.  As someone listening to it, I think it lets you move in and out of it easier; it makes for great music to chill out to, drive to, whatever.  Also, your imagination can fill in what you think it's about based on how it makes you feel.

Still, I know that instrumental music is a rare thing for some people, so I may do some collaborations with singers in the future to try it out:  a couple excellent singers have told me they would be interested, so we'll see.  The last time I tried a piece with voice in it was back in music school, and my favorite parts wound up being when the singer wasn't singing (the long middle part).  I'll keep you posted, but I'd also be interested to hear what you think about this topic, and your thoughts in general on instrumental music.  Definitely drop me a note or comment on this post if you have opinions.

Other than the new Radiohead cover, some things that are worth checking out (if you haven't already) are "The Story of the Chill/Funk Trip," as well as some of the new reviews of the album that have been done by various places.  As always, please help spread the word of the music, buy the album if you haven't already, etc.  I'm trying to get over my natural aversion to asking these types of things, people tell me it's important :) 

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