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From a String Quartet to Chill Out: a Great Chord Progression

About a year ago I recorded this little excerpt for the great Jackass Penguin Podcast about one of my favorite chord progressions, and played some examples of how I'd used it in a couple different settings.  It has a couple things I really like: it features a pedal tone, and it also has a descending melody built right in, if you put it in a specific inversion.

This kind of thing happens all the time, consciously or not.  Artists like a certain sound and it seeps into a all kinds of different things as they play around with it in different contexts.  It's interesting to hear how people play with ideas and come up with different contexts and feels.

Here are some links: hear what it sounds like on piano, then an old string quartet I wrote, and finally a song called Simmer, from last year's "The Chill Funk Trip." 



Here's a full version with some trance-like visuals:


As always, you can find out more info about my music, follow along, send me your random thoughts and musings, etc:



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